Deadboy - Columns Columns
Mystic heaters from the one they call Deadboy. A debut on Yen and first output from his new Montreal HQ. Ten Of Cups ambient version is vinyl only. Ten Thousand Yen
UK 12" Vinyl House, Deep House
RTV-017 Unreleased House Dubs Vol 1
John Swing
Relative 017 features 4 unreleased house tracks by John Swing. A solid 4 tracker bringing back the classic swing touch that's been influential... Relative
UK 12" Vinyl House
MPR012 Après Ski
DJ Après Ski
Chord memory house and wobbly-jawed electro on masked man DJ Après Ski’s classy debut run. Major Problems
UK 12" Vinyl House
RH019 RH019 (The Lost Tracks)
Rodney Bakerr
Classy, proper Acid tracks from the period when House was still House music! Rockin' House
US 12" Vinyl House, Chicago
Blue Funk
DJ Sneak
DJ Sneak presents his own series on CHIWAX called "DJ Sneak Edition", with re-issues, new productions and also with unreleased tracks from... Chiwax
CDSE 001
DE 12" Vinyl House, Chicago House
KR009 Jackmaster Hater presents
Jeremy Williams
Classy fine Chicago House Tracks Kstarke Records
US 12" Vinyl House, Chicago, Acid House
My So Called Robot Life My So Called Robot Life
Andreas Gehm
Straight up authentic replicant 80's Chicago underground House Mathematics
US 12" Vinyl House, Chicago, Acid House
FJ007 Footjob 007
The Small Town Boys are back again with an EP full of lovely music straining your feet. Synths ran hot, beer cooled down, old school became new... Footjob
DE 12" Vinyl House, Disco
Transition Ep - TR-004 Transition Ep
Bee Lincoln & Ryoma Sasaki
Classy detroitish House/Techno Split EP out of Japan Transit Records
Import 12" Vinyl House, Minimal, Techno
Ron Trent - Humans - EB007 Humans Drums & Machines
Ron Trent
Vitally deep underground Detroit House EP Electric Blue
DE 12" Vinyl House, Detroit House
Melvin Meeks - Acid Mode Acid Mode
Melvin Meeks
Mid nineties Chicago House Classic by Relief Rec. Label former Melvin Meeks on transparent vinyl. Reissue! Chiwax
DE 12" Vinyl House, Chicago
Scott Marshall - Law of Fives EP Law of Fives EP
Scott Marshall
A storming four tracks from newcomer Scott Marshall heralds the return of Wrong Island Communications. Going from the slinky Love in Booty to the... Wrong Island
UK 12" Vinyl House
DABJ-1220 DABJ Allstars Vol.3
Various Artists
O.D.D., Modini and Casio Royale team up to wreck clubs across the galaxy! Dixon Avenue Basement Jams
UK 12" Vinyl House, Acid
Sounds Inside A Green Spaceship Sounds Inside A Green Spaceship
Elbee Bad
Deep atmospheric House EP Housewax
DE 12" Vinyl House, Deep House
V/A - Never Stop Never Stop
Various Artists
Salty swirling posse jams. Portray
DE 12" Vinyl House
Rawax 020 Deep
808 stated original leaning House/Techno cuts. Tip! Rawax
Rawax 020
DE 12" Vinyl House, Techno
FJ006 Foot Traxx Ep
Phonk D
Phonk D presents his second Solo EP on “Footjob” and it’s a “Goodjob” once again. Four sample-based tracks are cutting up Disco and Funk and bring it... Footjob
DE 12" Vinyl Disco, House
Mr. Fingers EP Mr. Fingers EP
Mr. Fingers
One of the biggest classics in housemusic history! Containing 4 masterpieces in the genre by one of its masterminds. It's about time that people... Alleviated
EU 12" Vinyl House, Chicago House
BREW - B01 B01
Confused Sci-Fi Electro House cuts Brew
EU 12" Vinyl Electro, House
Knutsson/Berg - Alien Power Alien Power
Knutsson/Berg, Dungeon Acid
Hans Berg and Johanna Knutsson return to the UFO Station with their fourth release, a powerful trippy trip, through warped time and space. And guess... UFO Station Recordings
EU 12" Vinyl House