V/A - Never Stop Never Stop
Various Artists
Salty swirling posse jams. Portray
DE 12" Vinyl House
Rawax 020 Deep
808 stated original leaning House/Techno cuts. Tip! Rawax
Rawax 020
DE 12" Vinyl House, Techno
FJ006 Foot Traxx Ep
Phonk D
Phonk D presents his second Solo EP on “Footjob” and it’s a “Goodjob” once again. Four sample-based tracks are cutting up Disco and Funk and bring it... Footjob
DE 12" Vinyl Disco, House
Mr. Fingers EP Mr. Fingers EP
Mr. Fingers
One of the biggest classics in housemusic history! Containing 4 masterpieces in the genre by one of its masterminds. It's about time that people... Alleviated
EU 12" Vinyl House, Chicago House
BREW - B01 B01
Confused Sci-Fi Electro House cuts Brew
EU 12" Vinyl Electro, House
Knutsson/Berg - Alien Power Alien Power
Knutsson/Berg, Dungeon Acid
Hans Berg and Johanna Knutsson return to the UFO Station with their fourth release, a powerful trippy trip, through warped time and space. And guess... UFO Station Recordings
EU 12" Vinyl House
Cafe Del Marsh Cafe Del Marsh
Marshall Brill
A collection of synth-based burners, strong drum loops and danceable melodies. Italo-Trance for the whole family to enjoy. West End Communications
UK 12" Vinyl House, Acid, Electronic
117DSR/TDC1 Shadows & Tears EP
Tom Dicicco
British techno producer Tom Dicicco makes his debut on Delsin now after many fine releases on Off Minor Recordings, The Corner and his own Run Out... Delsin
EU 12" Vinyl House, Dub House, Techno
Rawax 019 Untitled Dubs 2
Unbroken Dub
From Ambient Techno to dubby atmospheric House Rawax
Rawax 019
DE 12" Vinyl House, Ambient Techno
Discobole - VER010 Discobole
Chateau Flight, Pépé Bradock.
Versatile celebrates its 20th Anniversary with some classic represses... Versatile
UK 12" Vinyl House, Disco
Housewax 021 Ordinary Tales EP
Ainëe & Geffen
Stompin' percussive dancefloor oriented deep house EP Housewax
Housewax 021
DE 12" Vinyl House
Schmutz Schmutz
Tripeo & Candanz
After much success of Darko Esser's Tripeo alias and label, he has decided to launch a new series to focus on the beauty of the artistic... Tripeo
EU 12" Vinyl House, Techno
Mono Junk, Kim Rapatti - A-Sides A-Sides
Mono Junk, Kim Rapatti
Beautifully tripped out deep, melodically Detroit-, Acid House Cuts. Reissued. DUM Records
EU 12" Vinyl House
Stares To Upstairs EP Stares To Upstairs EP
Reade Truth
New Yorks not so secret weapon Reade Truth is back for his solo EP on n s y d e. After the well received split EP together with release brother... Nsyde Music
DE 12" Vinyl House
Various Artists
From slow piano heavy house to deep moody jazzy vibes, this record even holds a classic. Ltd-W-Lbl
DE 12" Vinyl Deep House, Jazz House, House
Pirac¥ Debt$ - I Like Ur Industry I Like Ur Industry
Pirac¥ Debt$
Hard currency from Pirac¥ Debt$, live and direct on the A, with 15 minutes-plus of loose change from DJ Sotofett on the remix. Major Problems
UK 12" Vinyl House
VA - Closed Sessions Closed Sessions
Various Artists
Beautiful dark and moody driven deep-, proto House cuts by various artists. Highly recommended! Rivulet
DE 12" Vinyl House
HP002 HP002
The mysterious Heartplay returns with a raw and hypnotic trip into a world of beauty. Heartplay
DE 12" Vinyl House
Colonel Abrams - You got me running - EVRE 004 You got me running
Colonel Abrams
This fourth release in Echovolt growing re-issue catalog includes the bass heavy, passionate thumper "You Got Me Running", the much feted... Echovolt
EVRE 004
EU 12" Vinyl House
FJ005 Airotic, Dj Duke Remix
Phonk D, Sascha Ciminiera and T-Rax joined forces again: They’ve created some 80’s flavoured tracks down the line and put them in the mix. The... Footjob
DE 12" Vinyl House, Disco