Anselm - Strom EP - UQL004 Strom EP
Anselm has teamed up alongside Stock Projects (Bare Hands, Vienna), Irakli (I/Y, Berlin) and Paàl (Voitax, Berlin) for Unequals fourth release. The... Unequal
DE 12" Vinyl Techno, Industrial Techno
Various Sheik 01 - SNBV010 Various Sheik 01
Mr. Dello, OG AG, Ray Rose, Ivvy
Dark effective DJ Tool Techno with dense and dubby textures. Sheik ’N’ Beik Records
UK 12" Vinyl Techno
Anthony Parasole - Infrared Vision - DKMNTL-UFO4 Infrared Vision
Anthony Parasole
Parasole's music fits the bill for cutting-edge electronic music. Infrared Vision is a display of his love for polyrhythmic drum patterns, post-... Dekmantel
EU 12" Vinyl Techno
Visions - LNTHN008 Visions
Empty Vision
Empty Vision provides the next pillar to the structure of and is the latest project of the italian-rooted Damiano Di Cagno. In addition...
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
Cool Warm Divine Ep
The Abstract Eye
Five prolific electronic soul tracks - melodic techno by The Abstract Eye, better known as Gifted and Blessed. Originally released on Valentine... Rush Hour
EU 12" Vinyl Techno
Mod21 - Chapter 1 - 21001 Chapter 1
Deep breakin experimential Ambient Techno excursion Mod21
EU 12" Vinyl Techno
Ursprung Remixed Ursprung Remixed
Veil Of Light
Strongly 1990s EBM rooted, Noise & Industrial sound scapes incorporating, blinding, Techno aiming remix set. aufnahme + wiedergabe
a+w XII
DE 12" Vinyl Techno, Industrial Techno
Tzina’s house - KAFTA002 Tzina’s house
Heavy dark and noise Techno stepper. Kafta
EU 12" Vinyl Techno
For a better understanding Remixes For a better understanding Remixes
Dark, atmospheric dubbed out UK Break/Techno. Remixes by Blawan, Stenny, Shifted and Reeko. Resin
UK 12" Vinyl Techno
Lee Holman - One Man Army Remixes - RWXS008 One Man Army Remixes
Various Artists
Inaugurating 2016 with Lee Holman’s debut ‘One Man Army’ on Raw Waxes, the Italian imprint welcomes the new year with a series of remixes of the... Raw Waxes
EU 12" Vinyl Techno
KYN006 Extra Inertia EP
New versions of Tensal's 'Opposite Inertia' EP, with a remake of his own and contributions from Mike Parker and Pangaea. Kynant Records
UK 12" Vinyl Techno
Reconery Flight / Away Days Reconery Flight / Away Days
Raw Techno with razor sharp hats and distinct snarled ragged intensity and thick pulsating grooves Receptive Visions
UK 12" Vinyl Techno
V/A - Trouble 003 Trouble 003
More weaponry by Andreas P, Noah Gibson, Dman, Abdulla Rashim & H. Bergqvist for the proper basement dj’s and dwellers. Enjoy! Trouble in Paradise
UK 12" Vinyl Techno, House
NRV003 The Rhubarb Triangle
Various Artists
This third release from No Real Value features tracks from K.I.T.T., label head, Aggborough and Dj Ford Foster, who all supply huge slabs of... No Real Value
UK 12" Vinyl Techno, House
Luciano Lamanna - The Nihilist - SR004 The Nihilist
Luciano Lamanna
Relentless dark Acid/Industrial Techno banger Scuderia
12" Vinyl Techno
Various Artists: Made In Europe Made In Europe
Various Artists
Triple H rated Techno goodness: hard, hitting, hexagonal The Final Experiment
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
INS000 Resistir
Belligerent Electro and techno coated with fury, descending directly from the mountains of Medellín, Colombia, by the hands of a mestizo insurgent. Insurgentes
UK 12" Vinyl Electro, Techno, Ambient
Sigha - Metabolism Metabolism
Token is pleased to announce Metabolism, the sophomore album from Sigha. The LP marks James Shaw's third release on the Token label following... Token
EU 12" Vinyl Techno
Metrolux - Various Artists - Edition 3 EP - MLM07 Edition 3 EP
Various Artists
The talented Italian producers Pietro Caprioglio aka Autre and Federico Pedron aka Xinner kicking it off with „Nebula“. An emotional piece of late... Metrolux
DE 12" Vinyl House, Techno
Exoshift EP - NTD008 Exoshift EP
A year after his last outing on the label, Metamethod is back with a second EP for Nightime Drama. The man born Simon Haynes is a veteran of the... Nightime Drama
DE 12" Vinyl Dub Techno, Techno