IMF06 Pollioni
Zenker Brothers
Stunning dextrous, charismatic Techno Cuts. Weapon! Index Marcel Fengler
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
Shapes EP Shapes EP
Kessel Vale
Smoking hot next level cosmic house/techno tracks for the real headz. Kessel Vale's debut release on Tantaafl Planets after the great Joey... Tanstaafl Records
EU 12" Vinyl Techno
NON019 Unfinished Evolution
Hypnotic minimal techno EP Non Series
EU 12" Vinyl Techno
Population One - A Theory - Reduction Five A Theory
Population One
The deeper depths keep getting hit... the reduction series evolves... prime minimalism from T.Dixon.... Reduction
Reduction Five
US 12" Vinyl Detroit Techno, Techno
Population One - Systematically Changing Variable - Reduction Four Systematically Changing Variable
Population One
opulation One serving it up COLD and reduced... another totally heavy offering from TD, on his own imprint. TIP! Reduction
Reduction Four
US 12" Vinyl Detroit Techno, Techno
Population One - Random Variables - Reduction Three Random Variables
Population One
TD turns it up even higher. Chiming, melodic and magnificent abstractions from the depths. TIP! Reduction
Reduction Three
US 12" Vinyl Detroit Techno, Techno
Population One - Reducible Expressions - Reduction Two Reducible Expressions
Population One
Obscure techno outings of the highest order on Terrence Dixon's own label. This stuff is real deal. Reduction
Reduction Two
US 12" Vinyl Detroit Techno, Techno
Stone Edge - Edges EP - Dystopian 012 Edges EP
Stone Edge
Stone Edge delivers 4 fantastic cuts, all on the edge of techno, house, dub and melancholy. WEAPON! Dystopian
Dystopian 012
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
pp035 Failed by the conformists
Joseph mc geechan
Steppin Industrial Techno EP Prosthetic Pressings
EU 12" Vinyl Techno
Formal Variant Ep Formal Variant Ep
Two long slow deep hypnotic killers tracks based on complex rhythm structures is the beginning of a wonderful mind journey. We are extremely proud to... Prologue
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
Session Restore - An Obvious Pattern An Obvious Pattern
Session Restore
Dubbed out and pounding early 90' leaning reduced warm ambient Techno EP Separate Skills
DE 12" Vinyl Techno, Dub Techno
Rectangle / Film Rectangle / Film
The deep and melodious tones of 'Film' are beautifully offset by the tougher machine groove of 'Rectangle', with both tracks... M-Plant
US 12" Vinyl Techno, Detroit Techno
Mistress 005.3 Mistress 5.3 (The Redhead)
Various Artists
Classy, uplifting, swinging DJ tool Techno set Mistress
Mistress 005.3
US Import 12" Vinyl Techno
Donor - Against all Against all
Excellent stepping Industrial Techno longplayer Prosthetic Pressings
EU 12" Vinyl Techno
RH006 A Terminal 1
Martin Carlier
Martin Carlier shows his passion in a very unique way Rauh
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
RH005 A Silas
Vinyl only as always and this time with a track from the young argentinian producer Julixo and two remixes by Unbalance from russia. Rauh
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
Matrixxman - Stuxnet - Cover A Stuxnet
For his debut on Spectral Sound, San Francisco DJ/producer Matrixxman presented a strong and versatile four­track EP, Amulet. Rich with analog ideas... Spectral Sound
Spectral 129
US 12" Vinyl Techno
Donor / Truss
M_Rec LTD welcomes back Donor / Truss to the fold. Whilst Tom Russell has been lately flexing his Truss muscles with Perc and causing a furore as... M_Rec Ltd
EU 12" Vinyl Techno
RH004 A Screen / Harbour
Session Restore
The fourth rauh Vinyl comes with two Tracks by Session Restore and a Remix by UKs Alan Fitzpatrick Rauh
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
RH001 A Warsaw Avenue
Session Restore
Session Restore provides the evidence. that contemporary forms of Techno and Dubtechno link to harsh. Rauh
DE 12" Vinyl Techno