Wax Poetic For This Our Great Resolve Wax Poetic For This Our Great Resolve
We are living in precarious times. A senile, racist old man prone to temper tantrums has his tiny hands on the controls of the most powerful military... BLKRTZ
DE 2x12" Vinyl Dub, Electro, Dub Techno
Shakuhachi Shakuhachi
Ghost Vision
In late 2017, Thomas Gandey and Danny McLewin - known from the popular disco-influenced electronic music collective Psychemagik - emerged from their... Love On The Rocks
DE 12" Vinyl Disco, Funk, House
BCLP01 Dominance
Deep’a & Biri
Techno ALbum of the month March 2018 in Mixmag UK! Black Crow Recordings
DE 2x12" Vinyl Techno
Tears And Walls Tears And Walls
Johannes Volk
Cocoon Recordings is back with a bang after the winter break, cranking up the pressure once again. What’s more, we’re seriously pleased that we’ve... Cocoon
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
LFRMX007 Lf Rmx 007 (len Faki Mixes)
Various Artists
Len Faki takes on a couple of classics for 007 of his ongoing special edits series LFRMX, striking a perfect balance between the old and new. First... LF RMX
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
Pick Up Pick Up
Dj Koze
Uplifting, percurssive DJ Tool Filter Disco House EP Pampa
DE 12" Vinyl Disco, Minimal, House
Rumors EP Rumors EP
Edward makes his first appearance on the legendary Trelik label with three tracks of reduced, refined and utterly psychedelic house music for the... Trelik
DE 12" Vinyl Minimal, Experimental, House
Let's Go Program Thomas Let's Go Program Thomas
Kenneth Scott
Kenneth Scott finally making his debut on Vakant, long overdue, such a great DJ and repeated guest at Vakant parties. Phew.. Remixes by The Exaltics... Vakant
DE 12" Vinyl Bass, Electro
2MR-027 Take It Off Ep
Zombies In Miami
Zombies In Miami maintain the disco heat with their debut on Mike Simonetti’s 2MR 2MR
DE 12" Vinyl House
CVR XII CVR XII - Various Artists
Various Artists
Perfect excursion from layered old school breaks, melodic transportation to uplifting raw Techno and slightly darker Ambient notes. Weapon! Controlled Violence
DE 12" Vinyl Ambient Techno, Breaks, Ambient
ORKL-W-02 Lafcadio Champsai
Euphoric darkwave vibes Die Orakel
DE 12" Vinyl Darkwave, Electronic
Roter Gitterlling & Tintenfischpilz Roter Gitterlling & Tintenfischpilz
Dominik Eulberg
Dominik Eulberg’s second EP on his label Apus apus features the track “Roter Gitterling“ (eng. Basket stinkhorn / Red cage) on the a side and „... Apus Apus
Apus Apus 2
DE 12" Vinyl Tech House, Techno
Recondite - Daemmerlicht - PLANLP01 Daemmerlicht
Recondite has announced his fifth album, Daemmerlicht , due out in February on his own Plangent Records. Translated as “fading light,” the new album... Plangent
DE 2x12"+CD Electronic, Ambient, Experimental
Instant / Apart Instant / Apart
Second Woman
Second Woman is the collaborative project featuring Turk Dietrich of Belong and Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv. Josh and Turk have been friends... Tresor
DE 12" Vinyl Ambient Techno, Techno, Dub Techno
401002 401002
Another raw DJ tool electronic jam's by Frankfurt based mysterious project called 4010. Handstamped white label vinyl only release. 4010
DE 12" Vinyl Techno, Dub Techno
Fortyfive Ways Fortyfive Ways
STL, Lawrence, Christopher Rau, Tilman T
2018 REPRESS! Recommended Elbe Deep House collection in a white double holed sleeve Smallville
DE 12" Vinyl Deep House, House
Mule Musiq 222 The Taurus EP
Glen Astro
Raw, soulful and agitating: glenn astro, the humble house sorcerer from berlin, produced four tunes and a sweet interlude for mule musiq that point... Mule Musiq
Mule Musiq 222
DE 12" Vinyl Deep House, House
PS005 Landung
Piska Power
Excellent pulsating, percussive modular dark synth wave dance ep. Highly recommended weapon! Power Station
DE 12" Vinyl Darkwave, Low Trax, Experimental
Smallpeople & Rau
2018 REPRESS! Meadows is reduced to the essential, produced to the max - a track on point, the way deeper Life Aquatic is none the less delightful.... Smallville
DE 12" Vinyl Deep House, House
SMALLVILLE24 Twentyfour Ways
Various Artists
2018 REPRESS! Enjoy the essence of Deephouse combined on one 12inch and get your soundsystem ready for the next Barbecue! Smallville
DE 12" Vinyl Deep House, House