Visions - LNTHN008 Visions
Empty Vision
Empty Vision provides the next pillar to the structure of and is the latest project of the italian-rooted Damiano Di Cagno. In addition...
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
Ursprung Remixed Ursprung Remixed
Veil Of Light
Strongly 1990s EBM rooted, Noise & Industrial sound scapes incorporating, blinding, Techno aiming remix set. aufnahme + wiedergabe
a+w XII
DE 12" Vinyl Techno, Industrial Techno
Rhythm 4 Tha Dancefloor EP Rhythm 4 Tha Dancefloor EP
Dj Lil 'tal
No one else but one of Chicago’s finest DJ Lil ‘Tal is responsible for the ninth Footjob release. The underground veteran has brought himself to... Footjob
DE 12" Vinyl House
Various Artists: Made In Europe Made In Europe
Various Artists
Triple H rated Techno goodness: hard, hitting, hexagonal The Final Experiment
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
Grey Temple Transmission Grey Temple Transmission
Brooklyn based artist Okkulte debuts on B-O-D-I-E-S first cassette series. Working with a rudimentary setup of reel to reels, tape echoes, spring... B-O-D-I-E-S
DE Cassette Dark, Deep, Industrial Techno
Metrolux - Various Artists - Edition 3 EP - MLM07 Edition 3 EP
Various Artists
The talented Italian producers Pietro Caprioglio aka Autre and Federico Pedron aka Xinner kicking it off with „Nebula“. An emotional piece of late... Metrolux
DE 12" Vinyl House, Techno
Exoshift EP - NTD008 Exoshift EP
A year after his last outing on the label, Metamethod is back with a second EP for Nightime Drama. The man born Simon Haynes is a veteran of the... Nightime Drama
DE 12" Vinyl Dub Techno, Techno
Falke - O.N.G. O.N.G.
The protagonist of this extended longplayer is the remarkable Falke. He is the unseen hermit of the clan and arrested the labels attention due the... Kann
DE 12" Vinyl House, Deep House
Revised EP Revised EP
Don Williams
kicking, pumping, highly effective Techno set Tokomak
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
Vanta Series is the new series for Killekill’s dancefloor music. The releases come in series, every series comes with a theme and one artwork which... Vanta Series
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
FJ008 Flying Circus Ep, Borrowed Identity Remix
Phonk D & Le Rubrique
Phonk D connects with his buddy Le Rubrique. They created three real floor bangers with some heavy punch. Raw MPC drums, disco samples and classic... Footjob
DE 12" Vinyl House, Disco
LNTHN007 Human Moments in WWIII
Jeff Derringer
Reduced pulsatile uplifting deep Techno EP w/ remixed version by Shifted and Giorgio Gigli
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
Passing Ships EP Passing Ships EP
JC Williams
Fine acid / electro house and disco cuts Chiwax
DE 12" Vinyl House, Chicago House
Chiwax 024 So High EP
Credit 00
Classy jackin' chicago house trax by Credit 00 Chiwax
Chiwax 024
DE 12" Vinyl House, Chicago House
Alex Danilov - System 721 System 721
Alex Danilov
Spaced out reduced atmospheric Techno EP. Recommended! Rawax
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
Unseen A Unseen
Andrés Zacco
Gliding Tango Ganja Ritual Ilian Tape
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
Chronicle - Sciahri Chronicle
Stumbling Zoned Out Yoga Celebration Ilian Tape
DE 12" Vinyl Industrial Techno, Techno
New Cave EP - STX015 New Cave EP
Fine Chicago/ Acid House EP Snuff Trax
DE 12" Vinyl House, Acid House, Chicago
Session Restore - Speak Out / Retreat Speak Out / Retreat
Session Restore
Rauh returns with a new EP from Session Restore. „Speak Out“ which has been published on Alan Fitzpatrick‘s Fabric87 Mix CD earlier this year founds... Rauh
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
Sean Dixon - Heat Heat
Sean Dixon
Excellent classic detroit house cuts Rawax
DE 12" Vinyl House, Techno