BLD Remixes




Acid Pauli’s second album ‘BLD’ dropped earlier this year to a rapturous reception. Martin Gretschmann’s trippy opus took in various stops around the musical spectrum, yet remained committed to quality dance-floor tracks that refuse to follow any particular rule book. This collection of remixes of the album’s A side (hence the name) only adds to that achievement - bringing yet more new flavours and takes from some of the most exciting names in the underground. ‘Abbebe’ gets a rework from Sainte Vie who brings his trademark ‘multicultural electro’ sound to the album’s opener, and produces an ecstatic mid-paced groover for the heads. Oceanvs Orientalis drops a similarly exciting rerub, finding new angles and dimensions to the track ‘Baris’. Tel Aviv’s Red Axes turn up the psychedelica for the duo’s amazing dissection of ‘Ayam’ - deep sounds immersed in acidic tones and tight-yet-wonky arrangements. Lastly ‘Majid’ gets the treatment from label co-head Nico Stojan who produces a sleek and spacy remix that will delight the early morning ravers.