Parallel Window




South London Ordnance debuts on Parachute. The British producer marks his first release of 2017 with Parallel Window, a four track EP featuring three wrought-iron originals and remix from Token & Blueprint affiliate, Sigha. Driven and direct, the music marries rolling low end with high energy drum machine percussion and wide angle highs - for the most part eschewing anxious, heads-down austerity in favour of a more uplifting, trancelike approach - spread across multiple BPM’s. Despite the heady, crushed finish - shifts in tone are subtle, developing over prolonged periods, with careful modulation drawing sounds in and out of the sonic hinterland sporadically to create a comfortable atmospheric balance between peak-time dance-floor urgency and hazy mid-set moments. On his remix, Sigha hones in on this sentiment - lifting the caustic lead bassline from Parallel Window and augmenting it with trademark cavernous low end, skittering highs & a rolling lead arp to create a hypnotic, half-time dirge.