Repitch’s latest releases is a full-on acid assault, a distorted analog techno speedwagon driven by label co-founder D.Carbone along with Panzerkreuz affiliate and rave veteran Albert Van Abbe. Side A is composed of two tracks produced by Van Abbe and Paul Van Ghent under the guise of his most unapologetic acid project Penik Etteck. Recorded between 1998 and 2000, it is a duo of incendiary bangers made for no other purpose than pumping energy into the rave. On the flip side, Van Abbe’s youngest project Datasmok sides with D.Carbone for two more tracks ripe with acid basslines, heavily distorted drums, and noisy drones, speeding up the tempo on the first one and slowing it down on the second in order to explore the many dynamic possibilities of raving.